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Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline networks across the country.

Voice SMS Services?

Jupiter Technoway giving voice to your SMS, Now through Jupiter Technoway you can transmit your message vocally to multiple users/audiences in India. The audios are recorded beforehand so that you can convey the message on the mobile numbers anywhere in India with a per-recorded voice message by sending in bulk. One can fully customize the audio that is to be sent. In India most of Indian population does not speak English and read. Hence Voice SMS Service is unique way of transmission wherein you can send the your voice in your local or the regional language to your targeted customer. Now you can send lac’s of voice SMS to you respected customers.


  • Election and Political Campaign
  • Lead and business generation
  • Official or General Announcements
  • Event management
  • Payment reminder
  • Brand Promotion
  • Stock alerts
  • Medicine and Health reminders
  • Premium and EMI alert’s

Why Jupiter Technoway for Voice SMS?

We are one stop solution for a Voice SMS Services.

Text to Speech

With our advanced Text to Speech engine, we can convert your typed message into natural sounding Voice clip. We have over 100 voices that support more than 20 languages. You could also send a custom message to each client for a more personal communication.

Record & Send on the Go

Send voice calls to all your group members on the go without the need for a computer or internet. Call our number to record your message, select a group and send it instantly. Great for sending urgent broadcasts like office closures, holiday greetings etc.

Pay per Usage

With our transparent pricing and billing, you only pay for what you use. There are no monthly charges on your account. Only answered calls are billed to your account. Our detailed reports list all calls and statuses for complete transparency.

API Integration

Integrate our API’s into your existing applications and build consumer centric systems. Our engineers will work with you and support you in application integration.


Jupiter Technoway deploys the latest technology to implement the bulk SMS dissemination process, thereby, ensuring the smoothest delivery of messages. The company is determined to provide un-interrupted bulk sms marketing service to its customers.


Jupiter Technoway has partnered with various service operators as their principal business partner thereby in a position of leveraging the best possible rates. The advantage is passed on to the customers by way of most affordable pricing, discounts & offers. Also, there are no hidden charges involved in the transactions.

Customer service

Jupiter Technoway provides 24/7 customer service to its customers. Solving customer queries is always a top priority for the company. Each query is resolved in the best possible manner helping customers to execute successful campaigns.

End Users, Re-Sellers

Send bulk SMS at the most reasonable rates with the fastest messaging service at Jupiter Technoway. The easy bulk SMS marketing solutions help you send messages to multiple users with the extremely user-friendly interface.


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